How to Submit a Listing online

How to Submit a Listing online 2016-10-17T23:00:00-07:00

How to Register and Login.

Go to the Directory page and click on the Submit A Listing button .

Here you can either login or register. To register, click on the Not yet registered? link below the “Login” button. You will choose a user name and enter your email. You will receive an email with a link to your password. Copy your password, go back to the Login page in and enter your user name and paste or enter the password. When you are logged in, your name will appear in the black bar at the top right hand corner in white lettering where you can also log off or change your profile.

How to Submit my Listing.

Go to the Directory Page.

Click on the “Submit a Listing” button.

Once you are logged in, you will:

  1. Select a Category. Click Continue(additional categories are free. Contact us for the additional categories.) 
  2. Select Free Listing or upgrade to $50 Basic or $75 Premium and option to have the $25 “Featured Listing“. Click Continue. (the Basic Listing has 3 allowable image and 1 pdf or txt attachment along with more space for business description)
  3. Enter Listing Information. If you do not want the google maps feature, then enter any address info you want to be published in the “Long Business Description” field and leave the address, city, country & postal code fields blank. Choose to set up your Facebook and Twitter social links and LinkedIn company ID for users to find you there. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click on the white box for the reCAPTCHA (required to reduce spam). It will produce a window of images for you to choose for security. (sometimes you may have to repeat this if it doesn’t work the first time). Click Continue.
  4. If you entered your address, city, country, and postal code in the previous step you will automatically be placed on the google map. If you don’t want to be located you simply ignore this step. You can adjust to another location on the google map if you are not happy with the one they supply. If you have chosen any of the upgrades, you will be able to upload images, assign the listing thumbnail picture and attach pdf and text files. Click Continue with listing submit button and you will go to checkout in PayPal or return to the directory if you chose the free option. Enter the discount code “” to receive your $20 discount on your listing purchase.

Upon submitting your listing you will receive an email confirmation of your pending listing for approval. Once the listing is approved and paid for, it will be then published. All registered users of this site can rate the listings. All ratings are subject to review by

How to Edit my Listing.

Go to the Directory Page.

Click on the “Submit a Listing” button.

Once you are logged in, (your user name should be in the top right corner) go back to the directory page, click on your listing and click on the edit button that now appears. There, you will be able to follow the steps and change any information you like. You can also  upgrade to add features like image uploads and file attachments. Always click on Continue with listing submit at the end. You will be able to see your listing changes right away. If not, you need to try again or contact our team at